Lee Mvtthews' new music video hits the Auckland 'burbs for track 'Stay' ft. Omega Levine

music video 10/05/2018

Stay, featuring the incredible vocals of Omega Levine, was released in late Feb and featured on Spotify's New Music Friday ( AUZ/NZ), Apple Music's Best Of The Week and George FM's Weekly Top 5.

The track is about redemption for an individual whether it be through the help of another or via a higher being. It translates the idea of losing ones self in a tempting but ultimately sticky situation and being pulled out by friend/higher being.

Whether it be a relationship/employment/general life issue. And when the drop hits thats the feeling of redemption.

In the same vain, the music video for Stay touches on an individuals inner struggle when leaving an unhealthy relationship.

Directed by Taylor Mansfield.

And more exciting news from Lee Mvtthews, their new single, Inside Out (feat. Watson) is coming out next Friday, May 18th and to celebrate we're throwing a party on our notorious George FM back deck session on the same day.

Text MAY to 966 for all the deets!