Justice fan says goodbye to his beloved iPod on Reddit and the coolest thing happens

music news 19/06/2018

Reddit is a beautiful place where pretty much everyone is equal, where threads take you to places you never thought you would end up.

This week, in line with the 11 year anniversary of the release of iconic album (Cross), a Reddit user by the effennekappa has posted a tear joking dedication to his 160GB Classic iPod with a worn Justice sticker on it, as after 10 years has finally died.

I've spent 10 years with this 160gb monster in my pocket, it’s been with me in every single trip, journey and commute I’ve made since I was 20. Today it played its last song. Farewell, you magnificent bastard.

Fater the post started getting some really good heat, the Parisian DJs of Justice reached out to "pay their respects", and even offer to replace the iPod and chuck a whole bunch of their new music on there.

Incredible. We love the Internet.

Listen to Justice's new album here anyway: