Drake has gone and done it, now crowned the first ever artist to hit 1 billion streams in 1 week

music news 09/07/2018

Drake's new album Scorpion has been filling headlines non-stop since it's release, as well as breaking a whole bunch of records, and now it has broken the record for most Spotify streams of any album within the first week of its release.

He has officially surpassed the record for most streams in a week, set by Post Malone with his recent release Beer Bongs and Bentleys, which managed to reach 700 million streams in 7 days. 

With ease, Scorpion has clocked over 1 billion streams in the same amount of time, and Aubrey is pretty fucking stoked. 

And if you stillllllllll haven't listened to the new album, best you get amongst it now, or listen to the "revised" version here.