Calvin Harris has to explain what EDM is to a fan and we back it 100%

music news 05/09/2018

Many believe that the definition of Electronic Dance Music (or EDM for short) has been lost in translation throughout the years. Lines being blurred between specific sub-genres and the like.

Over the weekend, Calvin Harris posted a cheeky snap with Tiesto on his Instagram account, post gig in Vegas captioned, "Big @tiesto at Omnia last night. What is happening in second pic".

From this, comments ensued, and here's what went down:

A fan responded to the photo caption saying, "He is telling you: why did you stop producing EDM bro?"

To which Calvin Harris replied, 

If you’re gonna use the term ‘edm’ then house music is included under the edm umbrella. If your edm umbrella is strictly progressive house then u need to get a new umbrella fella.

Eeeeeeek, that's a bit awkward.

Tiesto then added, "Truth!" Probs shouldn't have spoken too soon there wee fan...