Steeze king, Post Malone, is about to drop his own line of Crocs

Fashion 02/11/2018

Is he the one person that makes ugly... cool?

Post Malone makes some questionable fashion choices at the best of times, but his whole DGAF attitude about is is what makes anything he chucks on steezy as heeeeelllllllllll.

His latest endeveour in the fashion realm, is that Posty is releasing his very own line of Crocs! 

Crocs have definitely been an item of clothing that Post Malone has endorsed in the past, so it's not surprise that he's now donning his own version of them.

Unfortunately for ya'll though, the kicks have ALREADY SOLD OUT! Unreal!

Hopefully they'll be restocked soon (because let's be honest, if you're gonna get crocs you may as well get a Posty pair).