Alison Wonderland’s ‘Awake’ remix album is has finally come through

music news 19/11/2018

Alison Wonderland is nothing short of remixes, and she’s short listed her faves for her Awake remix album that’s just arrived. Speaking on the release, AW said, “I’m really excited to share the remixed version of my album with you.  These are all artists I really like and respect, and am stoked to share their remixes with you.”

Lots of these tracks have we’ve heard going off in sets, so some of these bangers are a long time coming. Other tracks have been released individually in anticipation of the full release. Today is the day we get all eleven remixes.

Alison Wonderland picked a wide range of artists to feature on this one, from her Aussie/NZ mates like Quix & Enschway who did a killing ‘High’ remix, or Slumberjack and Oriental Cravings who worked on a ‘Sometimes Love’ remix that can out last week. In addition, there are remixes by Paces, Krane, Blush, and a handful of other up and coming artists.

Alison has a couple of stand out tracks of her own. She shared, “I have seen videos of Bleep Bloop playing his remix at his sets and it goes off.  Can’t wait for more people to hear it! The Quix & Enschway remix of ‘High’ was originally a bootleg version which the guys sent to me and it was so good, we just had to make it official!” 

Each artist brings their own style to the table, so there is a fun mix of genres on the album – plenty of heavy tracks and eclectic sounds. From chill drum and bass to some gritty trap, Awake covers all the bases. Check out the track list below & take your pick!

Track list:

  1. Sometimes Love (Alison Wonderland x SLUMBERJACK / ORIENTAL CRAVINGS Remix)

  2. Okay (Blush Remix)

  3. No (Paces Remix)

  4. No (Kid Froopy & umru Remix)

  5. No (Callie Reiff Remix)

  6. High (feat. Trippie Redd) [QUIX & Enschway Remix]

  7. High (feat. Trippie Redd) [Fracture Remix]

  8. Awake (KRANE Remix)

  9. Cry (feat. Buddy) [Bleep Bloop Remix]

  10. Cry (feat. Buddy) [Sunny Norway Remix]

  11. Easy (Kill Paris Kill remix)


Written by George Contributor Sophia Davies