George FM's Tune Hoon: Martin Garrix - Summer Days ft. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy

music news 26/04/2019

The George Tune Hoon! George DJs and staff have a hoon on a brand new track and give thoughts - whether good, bad or DGAF.   

This week's track is Summer Days, a new release from Martin Garrix featuring Macklemore and Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.

Sin, George Nights Host
"I LOVE A THREESOME and this could be the next hottest one after Kara, Stu & Tammy!

This team up is genre-bending at it’s finest. The lead singer of your favourite XD emotional band in the early 2000's, the leader of the EDM wolfpack, and mackleface whatever his name is. I like it!"

Dean, Station Manager
"Production-wise and with that style of vocal, it's very Peking Duk-esque. When I first saw the artists featured I initially had a bit of a cringey reaction - on paper it looks like a bit of a dog's breakfast. Pleasantly surprised it's not as disjointed as I thought it might be."

Rachel, Office Emo Mum
"As the Emo Mum of the office. this is the perfect combination of 2007 Rachel, and 2019 Rachel -  my two worlds are colliding. A great, uplifting, head bopping, window down, car tapping, hummalong."

Graham, One Half Of Lee Mvtthews
"As a frother, I am inclined to dislike this, but I'll tell ya what, its actually pretty decent. Very well produced, and that Patrick fella has smashed this vocal out of the park, I could do without the Macklemore bit, but there's a air of Kayne in it. This has been made for Summer and our Northern Hemisphere friends are going to rinse the sh*t out of this.

Daft Punk - Get Lucky meets Golden Features - Falling Out."

General Lee, George Days Host
"When you add one part shit to another what do you get? Two parts shit. Stolen vocal from Icona pop’s I love it on the front. Nothing original. Next."

Kara, George Breakfast Host
"Having the singer from your favourite band, (especially when they aren’t really doing much anymore), turn up on vocal duties can often hit ya right in the nostalgic feels. But I never really listened to Fall Out Boy so Patrick Stump doesn’t give me any of those feelings. This song doesn’t actually give me many feelings at all."

Stu, George Breakfast Host
"Don’t get me wrong It’s a banger, a big pop banger! I love Martin, Macklemore is the man and PATRICK's voice is something else. But I was hoping my old mate Garrix was going to take a different direction, I was hungry for that giant dance floor anthem with a drop that leaves you shaking. Lyrically it’s an emotional journey that is going leave you in happy place and I’m sure the remixes and remixes of remixes will be sweet."

Dan Aux, George Drive Host
"There's a reason why Peking Duk and Daft Punk have never collaborated on a cover version of Icona Pop's mega dance hit "I Love it" because it turns out these guys beat them to it... Somebody call Triple J cos this is derivative trash. Excuse me Martin Garrix, bring back mothf**king "Animals". Macklemore? No one rhymes island with iris unless they are struggling for lyrical content. Can't believe they gave you two verses and the song is only 2:46 long, ya burnt! no wonder Ryan Lewis left ya."

Shawn, Behind The Scenes George Music Guy
"In a musical climate that has seen the most outrageous collaborations, (PSY and Snoop Dogg anyone?) Martin Garrix, Macklemore, and the dude from bloody Fall Out Boy sounds like an attempt at a quick headline.

But the three compliment each other in a way you would not expect. You'll ask "is that really Martin Garrix? Is that really Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy? Did I really steal my sister's eyeliner when I used to listen to Fall Out Boy in my emo days?"

Martin Garrix makes the biggest musical adjustment swapping his usual Tomorrowland synths for a Peking Duk-esk baseline and some robot production seemingly sampled from Kanye's Graduation album. 

Fall Out Boy's handful of attempts at becoming relevant again have been tough to watch until this (Their live lounge cover of Uptown Funk was one nobody asked for). But Patrick takes a step closer to where they should be in this track, not sounding out of place when surrounded by both a popular producer and rapper. 

My only question is when is the My Chemical Romance + Kygo + Kendrick Lamar track coming?"

Hamish, Weekend DJ
"Look, I’m not gunna deny it, I f*%king loved Fall Out Boy back in the day, and to top it, I feel like I’ve been transported back to 2005 where Fall Out Boy had a baby with Justice.

Turns out that baby is Macklemore, and his baby ass spat some solid verses on this release. It’s hard not to like."