Man charged with attempted murder after running over his girlfriend for attending EDC

music news 28/05/2019

Trust might just be the most important part of any relationship.

Without it, things can end in disaster. Take 20-year-old Ryan Mansour and his estranged girlfriend as an example of the worst case scenario.

Mansour is currently jailed on an attempted murder charge after he allegedly ran over his girlfriend for attending EDC Las Vegas “against his wishes.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal report that Mansour saw posts from his girlfriend at the festival last week and then left work to go “get back all the things he ever gave her,” because she “did not deserve the cards or bears he gave her in the past.”

During the ensuing argument, his girlfriend got in and out of his car before he backed up and put the car in drive without seeing her. He “almost immediately heard (the victim) say ‘stop, stop.’”

The victim became trapped under the car with her face near the exhaust.

According to Mansour's attorney he quickly attempted to “jack the car up” as he and bystanders tried to get her out from underneath. “Ryan stated he did not run her over on purpose but admitted he was full of rage and made a dumb mistake due to his state of mind,” his arrest report reads.

The victim reportedly suffered a broken leg, broken arm, broken pelvis, lacerated liver and collapsed lung, along with burns to her face and body as a result of the incident.

Catch the news report of the incident above.