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Steve Aoki has launched a new workout app

music news 06/05/2019

Want a rig like Steve Aoki? Now you can get one.

Just days after launching his new comic book Neon Future, the American DJ has revealed his latest venture - a fitness app called Aoki Bootcamp.

Aoki is a self-proclaimed “busybody” that has a hard time fitting workouts into his schedule, so his new app aims to help in that area.

“I’m the kind of guy who will work out wherever I am, whether I’m in the green room or backstage at a festival or in my hotel room," Aoki told The Hollywood Reporter. 'I’d been putting my workout on social media and people would come up to me and I thought that I really wanted to bring this out so people can join in.”

The bodyweight-based workouts can be done anywhere without equipment. All you need is your phone and a subscription, which will set you back US$12.99 per month or US$99.99 if you're after a yearly subscription.

The app is available for both iOS and Android.