Watch Diplo shotgun beers in his new music video

music video 08/05/2019

Diplo has just released the music video for his first country track, So Long, and it's an absolute winner.

Featuring Grammy-nominated country artist Cam, the video was shot during Diplo's time at Coachella and Stagecoach last month and looks like it was whole lot of fun to shoot, featuring everything from punters to livestock.

The video depicts Diplo struggling with farm life and drinking beers, while Cam is captured on the iconic Coachella ferris wheel and on the back of a golf cart.

Viral sensation Lil Nas X and his 'Old Town Road' counterpart Billy Ray Cyrus make a cameo appearance, alongside a chicken, cow and a few horses.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri also makes a cameo appearance to briefly take the video to flavourtown. Check out the full video above!