WATCH: Italian astronaut DJs live from space and kills it

music news 16/08/2019

This week, on Tuesday 13th August, BigCityBeats founder and pioneer Bernd Breiter made him dreams into a reality, curating the first ever DJ set live from space. 

In collaboration with European Space Agency, astronaut and future commander Luca Parmitano played a 12 minute set from 400km up in space, featuring tracks from Sunbeam, Robin Schulz, and Vize.

"It was an incredible opportunity for all of us to make a dream come true. This opportunity to combine science and music was a great experience. I hope that everyone now sees the world a little bit differently and enjoys life – just as we do this up here on the ISS," said Luca.

Streaming live to the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME Cruise Edition, around 2,500 passengers and 100 VIPs were witness to the groundbreaking event - including superstar DJs Robin Schulz, Don Diablo, EDX, Felix Kröcher, dr. Motte and Le Shuuk.

BigCityBeats resident DJ Le Shuuk trained Parmitano for his task, "When Bernd Breiter called me and asked if I wanted to train an astronaut as a DJ, I thought it was a joke. But knowing that Bernd was not joking, I was overwhelmed to take on the job."

Check out the clip below: