Tomorrowland Winter releases official trailer less than a month from the festival kick off

music news 21/02/2020

Yes, we already got the full lineup months and months ago, and it’s not really a common thing for a festival to release a trailer if it’s not for announcing the lineup, but since when do Tomorrowland ever conform to the norm?

So, with less than a month to go until the festival, Tomorrowland Winter released its official trailer today, featuring the guardian of the pristine setting where the festival takes place. Shot in the magical mountains of Alpe d’Huez, the trailer follows a man hiking up the beloved mountains, showing the strength and sheer power it takes to live year round in this harsh but magical environment. Reaching the top of the ridge, the man carves out an ice-sculpture in the shape of the Tomorrowland logo, revealing it to the sound of his inspirational voiceover. 

Check out the trailer above and get pumped, because on March 14th, more than 100 artists will take to Alpe d’Huez across 8 stages ready to make unbeatable memories. 3 of the stages will be directly on the mountains’ ski trails, at elevations of up to 3,300 metres. Tomorrowland will be setting a record with both the ‘Mainstage’ and the ‘Château’ stages being the largest of their kind ever built at such elevations.

The open-air Mainstage is 65m wide and 25m high, with the arena in front of the mainstage being big enough to welcome all 20,000 festival goers at once. The Château, which is covered and heated, measures 4,000m2 and has a capacity of 8,000 people. It’ll be the largest indoor club ever constructed in the mountains.

And if you want a refresher of which acts will be taking to these record-breaking stages, check out the full Tomorrowland Winter lineup here.