Elon Musk says Coachella should postpone itself until it stops sucking

music news 11/03/2020

What a take from Elon Musk.

The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO went on a bit of a Twitter rant after news of potential Coachella postponement made the rounds, stating the festival 'should postpone itself until it stops sucking', explaining that 'too much corporate sponsorship killed the vibe' before arguing the festival was 'good maybe 5 or 6 years ago when you could wonder around & find great unknown bands'.

Coachella actually responded to Elon's jab, with a simple 'lol' and an image of Jaden Smith playing the festival from on top of a suspended Tesla, to which he replied 'Ok fine, that was good haha'.

Elon then offered up his own alternative, posting a poll proposing a mega rave under the Berlin Gigafactory, which at the time of writing has 90% of voters signalling yes. The poll has had almost 700,000 votes.

He also offered up his take on Burning Man, saying it's still worth the experience for now.

What a great day to be on the internet. Elon, if you end up hosting a rave under the factory we're keen to get involved.