The Prodigy and George listeners remember Keith Flint one year after his death

music news 05/03/2020

Late Prodigy frontman Keith Flint - who passed away one year ago today - has been honoured by the band and fans this morning.

The Prodigy shared a series of photos of Flint with a heartfelt message from current members Liam Howlett and Maxim.

Sin from George FM Days also asked listeners to text in their best Prodigy stories and memories.

Here's a few of the messages that came through:

"My first live memory with the legends that are The Prodigy was seeing them live at the Brixton Academy theater in London way back in '93. Shit boy, I'm an old barstud!! (sic) Was EPIC to say the least." - WRZL

"I went to the last concert they did in Auckland last year, the first concert I went to with my dad. Prodigy is still hands down one of the best concerts I've been to."

"Prodigy was my first concert: frickin awesome! I was on my boyfriend's shoulders quite near the front and made eye contact with them. Amazing: such energy"

"THE PRODIGY best live act I've seen in the supertop at bdo right up the front, held out our ciggy for Keith to have a puff but he declined. R.I.P. Firestarter, you are missed." - Tom

"I hooked up with a seventh former when I was third form, told her I was 16. At Prodigy at Big Day Out. She was hot, I was a young mess. Wasn't until she got busted by her mate who lived up the road from me. Go the youth."

Here's a few of the group's biggest tracks for you to reminisce.