Flume has officially released his remix of Eiffel 65's 'Blue'

music news 02/07/2020

After teasing a remix of Eiffel 65's iconic 'Blue', Flume has blessed us with an official release.

Back in May the Aussie producer covered himself in blue paint and shared a clip of the remix in progress to his Instagram with the caption 'Roses r red my face is blue here is a song I made it for u' while tagging in Eiffel 65.

After seeing that post we were all wondering if we'd ever get an actual release or if this was just a gag, but now two months later that question has been answered.

It's legit.

The remix is now available for purchase on Beatport, though Flume hasn't posted about it on any of his socials so there's still a bit of mystery surrounding the track.

Anyway, give it a listen below!