Cryptic Pendulum tweet means new music is hopefully here soon

music news 07/09/2020

It’s been a decade since Pendulum released their last completely new music with 2010 album Immersion, but a cryptic tweet along with a couple of signs picked up by fans mean that we night be close to breaking the drought.

While new music has been hard to come by, the group have still been touring, reuniting at Ultra in 2016 and going on tour with its three founding members as Pendulum Trinity.

During their live tours, at least two new songs have been played out - now officially referred to as “Driver” and “Nothing For Free.” Both songs have recently been pinged on YouTube for copyright after being recorded during live sets. Now, the aforementioned cryptic post shared on social media last week has fans crossing their fingers that it's teasing the final release of some new music.

Check the tweet out below and see what you can make of it!