Fans are convinced Pendulum are dropping new music soon

music news 18/08/2020

Before COVID-19 hit, legendary Aussie drum and bass group Pendulum were in the middle of a massive run of live shows — after a four-year hiatus from performing - and along with playing the hits, they also dropped a brand new song in their sets - “Nothing For Free.”

For the last few months, clips of the new track have lived on YouTube thanks to fans reposting their own footage from shows, but now, according to a post on Reddit, copyright claims are flying in for some of the aforementioned videos. It's the timing of the claims that have piqued the interest of fans, with many hoping that it means the song will be officially released sooner rather than later.

A commenter on the same thread also said they received a claim for another new single, “Driver,” hinting at the possible release of even more music.

Obviously nothing is confirmed so far - apart from the fact that the new music exists - but we're gonna hope these fans are on to something and keep an ear out for new music from Pendulum!