A sick new version of Modjo - Lady is going viral on Tiktok with AJ Tracey added in

Music 05/02/2021

Switchdisco is a TikTok account that takes requests to make music mashups and they’ve got the lads dancing. In their new version they mix rapper AJ Tracey with Modjo’s track Lady. They released their tune to TikTok mid-jan but now it’s picking up and even has its own dance.

The most popular video right now is describing it as “ur fave uncles at a bbq”

This dude with a mighty mullet gets it.

Even the boys across the ditch are joining in.

The country boys are on top of this trend right now rocking this fit.

Wouldn’t mind hearing this track this weekend, so if you give this a go make sure to tag us on TikTok @georgefmnz and show us your moves.

You can listen to the full mix here.