LISTEN: Sachi release new single 'Down On Your Luck'

music news 09/07/2021

Following their thrilling return to the festival circuit with February’s live music love letter ‘Take Me Back’, which has already amassed over 1.5 million streams, today New Zealand electronic duo SACHI return with new single, ‘Down On Your Luck’.

Written while the duo were living in LA, the pair called upon the vocals of BTS close collaborator Candace Sosa to bring the empathetic anthem to life. Building tension with ethereal, ambient breaks in between each energetic drop, the passionate production arrangement compliments the spirit of the song's lyricism, as the vocals tenderly sing of solidarity in times of need.

Charged by the stirring emotion of human connection by way of the dancefloor’s bond, SACHI intends ‘Down On Your Luck’ to be played loud and with those closest to you.  

Give it a listen below!