South Korea bans music over 120bpm during workouts to stop COVID spread

music news 12/07/2021

South Korea have recently enforced some pretty tough COVID protocols after a wave of the virus saw daily cases hit a record high of 1,316.

Under the new protocols are a couple of eyebrow-raising measures, tailored around exercise.

According to a report from The Straits Times, 'Indoor sports facilities can also operate until 10pm, but there are rules to prevent users from producing too many droplets.'

The rule that will haunt dance music lovers comes with group classes at gyms, where things like 'aerobics, zumba and cycling must play music that is under 120 beats per minute (bpm).'

So looks like no one in South Korea will be sweating up a storm to some drum and bass or dubstep anytime soon. Here's hoping the measures help in the fight against the virus and they can get back to cranking up the BPM.