LISTEN: Alison Wonderland Plays Out Massive IDs at Red Rocks

music news 20/09/2021

Alison Wonderland has recently taken over two sold-out nights at Red Rocks for her renowned Temple of Wonderland gigs, complete with amazing staging, killer setlists, and some brand new IDs!

Anyone who has seen Alison Wonderland perform knows that she puts everything she has into her performances, and Temple of Wonderland is no exception.

Incorporating a live band, vocals, cello solos, and mashups/edits is all part of the AW experience.

Alison Wonderland's Temple of Wonderland reimagines her music, surprising the listeners with new takes on classic productions and works from her most recent album. 

This leads us to the IDs...

The first is a new signature-style track that begins with the line "fuck you, love you, hate you, want you" before exploding into a gritty, bass-forward trap drop. 

Another titled "Forever," is a synth-filled ballad with a huge, euphoric presence.

Lastly, there's "Fear of Dying," which is a passionate love note about the fear of losing someone close to you.

Alison sang all of these songs live, making the unreleased moments even more special.