Usain Bolt is releasing a dancehall album

music news 02/09/2021

Former world champion Usain Bolt has shared his ambitions over the past years to be the "DJ Khaled of dancehall". Bolt’s goals and now becoming true, with the announcement of his first album.

The album follows the release of Bolt's first track 'Living the Dream' which dropped earlier this year.

‘Country Yutes’ will be the first record released from the Album and it will be available to listeners from Friday via his label 9.58 Records.

Bolt doesn't sing on the tracks and is instead more interested in the production side, confirming in an interview with The Athletic: “I just want to be like a Khaled — a DJ Khaled,” Bolt said. “I don’t sing the songs, but I want to produce, I want to be a part of them because I love music so much. So for me, that’s my biggest inspiration."

The project is a collaboration with Nugent “NJ” Walker, Bolt’s manager, with production by A-Team Lifestyle.