MC Skibadee has passed away

music news 28/02/2022

Drum and bass MC Skibadee - born Alphonso Bondzie - has passed away aged 54, his family have announced.

"Hello everyone, as Alphonsos first born i unfortunately come some with sad news to say that skibadee has passed away, as a family we ask for some privacy but may he rest in peace," a statement shared on social media read.

Tributes have flowed from around the drum and bass community since the announcement, including one from our own Dan Aux, who shared on air this morning: 'RIP to a legend - an icon - in drum and bass music. There will be no one like MC Skibadee. Absolutely gutted to hear of his passing today.

'He supported so many young people, I think that's the one thing that I loved watching a lot of Skibadee's livestreams. As we were all locked down he was still out there representing drum and bass and giving the young people a voice, the young DJs a voice, the young producers a voice and an avenue to get their music across. He just didn't stop, he was relentless.'

Skibadee started on City Sound Radio in the early 90s, earning several awards for Best Drum 'n' Bass MC over the years while also joining drum and bass group SASASAS.

RIP Skibadee.