'Who's ready to Rumble?': Dan Aux has just dropped a new house track

music news 18/03/2022

George Mahi Mix host Dan Aux has blessed our earholes with a new original track called 'Rumble' just in time for the weekend. 

Having dropped his collaboration with Kings, 'LMLY' on Valentine's Day, Dan has already rustled up another tune for us, and it's a bit of a banger. 

Dan wrote on Facebook: "Who's ready to rumble? Check out my new tune. You might have heard me opening my DJ sets with this weapon over the summer." 

He told us he's been cranking out so many tunes as of late, he had to serve this one up fast to make room for the next lot. 

"I made 'Rumble' during the last Auckland lockdown as a bit of an ode to a classic KDA tune of the same name with my own little added twists," he said. 

It proved to be a great opener for my DJ sets on the George FM Summer Tour so it's dancefloor tested.

"I've been making so much music recently I just had to get this one out asap to make room for more to follow!" he said. 

You can download 'Rumble' for free on Soundcloud now.