Tune in now to George FM's Biggest Bangers Countdown


All genres, all eras. The George FM Biggest Bangers Countdown is BACK, with Better Burger.

Since the dawn of time - ish - people have argued & debated, divided & united over one, eternal question...is it a banger? From disputes around the cave fire, to recent times - the hunt for the perfect banger has plagued scholars and saturated pop culture for decades.

And now, once and for all, with your help, we will answer life’s most important question... IS IT A BANGER?!

Vote now for your Biggest Bangers and be in to win $1000 CASH, it can be any genre from any era.

And, catch the week-long countdown, kicking off 9am Monday 15th February.

Cheers to Better Burger - burgers, fries and shakes. simple, fresh, better. In Ponsonby and Sylvia Park, plus a new store landing in downtown Britomart in May.