Kédu Carlö Live In Studio | George Drive
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Kédu Carlö Live In Studio | George Drive

Acid Lords Kédu Carlö performed live on George Drive.
6 December 2022 4:42PM

Electronic duo Kédu Carlö came through to George Drive for an unreal live set with keys, drums and incredible vocals.

Give it a listen here!

Listen to their latest track Sabi Sabi below.

Kédu Carlö

Energetic, enticing and joyful, Kédu Carlö is the electronic duo rising rapidly in New Zealand’s electronic music scene.

Their driving sound constantly explores different upbeat realms in every song, dipping their toes into various lush dance music genres. Kédu Carlö has had a steady 8 original releases plus remixes since 2020, including multiple singles and their debut EP Let’s Get To It in 2021. The 5 track EP is filled with punchy analogue bass amongst vocal harmonies creating the perfect balance of acoustic and electric soundscapes.

With Jess on vocals and synths and Carly on drums and percussion, they each craft their expertise into every track using a highly collaborative approach. The pair are best friends, together they write impactful music with light-hearted lyrics about cheeseburgers, talking shit and Russian spies among other subject matters. When there are lyrics involved, you know they will be topical and combined with tongue-in-cheek tendencies.

Kédu Carlö always sports an updated array of gear, with their constantly evolving live set-up allowing them to translate their musicianship in fresh and creative ways with every show. From analogue synthesizers to drum machines and sequencers, acoustic drums, Ableton and CDJ's, they utilize all gear they can get their hands on, on stage and in their home studio.

With no sign of slowing down, Kédu Carlö continues pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of, growing as artists with every show and release.