Sly Chaos - Run To The Unknown (feat. Matisse)

The Profile 09/11/2021

The three slippery dawgies Andy, Conor & Mikey are what make up the trusty trio that is Sly Chaos.
Now unlike what the name suggests, these lads have got their chaos under control.

Having quite the meteoric rise over the last couple of years. They graduated from being George Nights residents to holding down their own Friday night slot on the airwaves, have been a staple in the festival line up diet and have been continuously producing TRACK after TRACK.
Not bad from a bunch of fellahs who you’d have expected to ask to borrow ya 3.5mm headphone jack adapter a few years back, good on ya boys!

Which brings us to their next TRACKKKK

‘Run To The Unknown ft Matisse’ is a brilliant piece of work that really displays the leaps & bounds that Sly Chaos have come in the past couple years. It also showcases a slightly softer side of production from the lads.
They linked up with kiwi vocalist Matisse who now resides in the UK, Matisse you’d recognise off other massive tracks like ‘Fire’ by Flowidus and ‘Burning Cold’ from Gizzy legend Witters.

“This one is a future bass inspired track, capturing those summer festy vibes, which can’t come soon enough!” - Sly Chaos

Rip into the track below & make sure ya front left for the boys this summer festival season!
- Brook Gibson