The Profile: Witters - Burning Cold ft. Matisse

The Profile 23/08/2021

UP THE WITTERS!!! - A saying synonymous with festival attendees up and down Aotearoa.

The bloke hailing from the back paddocks of the beautiful Waiohika Estate comes in hot! But kinda cold actually, with his latest track “Burning Cold” featuring the vocal talents of Mattisse.

Earmarked as one of the most humble fellahs in the DNB realm it just warms the cockles of ya heart to see Witters release another absolute TUNE! Off the back of his 2020 release Calibrate that reached critical acclaim, it was always going to be a tough act to follow, but follow Witters did.

Opting for a slightly more subdued vibe in comparison there was still no compromise in producing prowess.

He also enlisted the unforgettable and melodic vocal talent of Mattisse.

“I’d heard Matisse on a few tunes earlier this year that I was really into. I reached out to her to collab on an idea that I had been sitting on for a while and thankfully she was keen. It was insane to work with her, we were both so stoked with the outcome. I sent her an instrumental back in April and she sent the lyrics and melody straight away which stayed the same throughout the whole process of finishing the track, incredible work rate and a true champion! She has since moved to the UK to study music and has some big plans ahead so be sure to keep an eye out.” - Tom Witters

Get around the tune 'Burning Cold' and support some pure kiwi music!