Footballer thanks wife AND gf in Man of the Match speech

funny shit 20/03/2017

In probably the greatest Man of the Match speech of all time, Ghanian footballer Mohammed Anas thanked both his wife and girlfriend in one sentence. 

If his panicked backtracking says anything, this isn't a polygamous situation...

The "player" (eh. 'player' see what we did there?) opened with: "Firstly I appreciate my fans, (and) my wife  and my girlfriend." 

There's an awkward pause, where Anas realises what a literal anus he's made of himself, then the man clarifies he only intended to thank his wife.

“I’m so sorry, my wife!” he exclaimed. “I love you so much from my heart.”

Way to take a bad situation to a whole new and hilariously awkward level. 

Watch how the speech went down below.