Benny Boy reads Colin Craig’s new poem ‘Beautiful’ to random listener's boss

Breakfast 11/05/2017

A brand new poem by Colin Craig has surfaced, titled 'Beautiful'.

If you're not sure who Colin Craig is, he's the former leader of the Conservative Party, and he's getting sued by his former press secretary, Rachel MacGregor, for sexual harassment.

"Sexual harassment from the (former) leader of the Conservative Party. Very preachy on family values," adds Clint.   

This poem was read in court earlier this week, as part of MacGregor's evidence against him.  

Craig's threatened to sue anybody who says anything mean about him, so could be us in the courtroom next.  

Good luck with that Craig. 

After attempting (and failing) to read the poem to the George Breakfast coffee guy, we took the opportunity to share the ‘Beautiful’ poem with a random listener’s boss.

Listen to how it all went down above.

Here’s a copy of the poem below, just incase any of you wanted to share it with someone special. We gotchu. 


"You are beautiful because your eyes are lovely,"

"You are beautiful because you look unbelievably good in your new dress,"

"You are beautiful because your lips are so amazing to kiss,”

"You are beautiful because you are fearfully and wonderfully made,

"You are beautiful because your skin is so soft,

"You are beautiful because you have the most perfect... (LOL .. OK I deleted a couple of lines and stopped this section),

"Please know you are beautiful,"

‘Reciting love poetry to your boss’, regular feature potential? Thoughts team?