Breakfast producer Big B roped into sticky situation

Breakfast 23/05/2017

It all started just like any other night out on the town, and just like any other single dude in a club on a Friday night, George Breakfast Producer Big Ben was trying to pull.

And he succeded.

She took me back to her house. It was all going well. She was beautiful, she was hot. And then lights went off. She goes to her top draw and she goes: 'wanna get tied up?'

"She pulls out what looks like a small rope for a boat..."

He was a little worried it would hurt, but at the end of the day, Big Ben lost his bondage v plates, and he was into it.

Plus Clint revealed his deep fear of having his wanger sliced off. 

Here's the thing I got tied up, it was great. If you haven't been tied up, go out there and do it.

Thanks for sharing Big B.