The Mt Taranaki Playboy model doesn't think Māori are indigenous to NZ

New Zealand 09/05/2017

Remember this chick?

Pretty hard not to, seeing as she was the talk of the town last week due to her controversial Mt Taranaki photoshoot.

That, and dat ass is hard to forget. Let's just pause for a moment to appreciate:

But as nice as that booty is to look at, what New Zealand born Playboy model Jaylene Cook did has offended pretty much all Maori culture in this country. And it's not necessarily because of her attire (or lack thereof), but moreso due to what she actually did.

Māori believe climbing to the top of the peak is inappropriate and only done for rare ceremonial occasions - this obviously not being one of them. Let Kara explain why.

Fast-forward one week, and shit's still going down. Mainly because Jaylene has done gon' goofed up again, this time with her words.

In what turned into an Instagram comment war, IG user @maorimermaid asked Jaylene:

"Hey Jaylene, would you do a nude photo shoot at a church or a war memorial, or do you only like to disrespect indigenous sacred sites? Hope your five mins of fame was worth the curses that will haunt you for life."

And this is what Jaylene responded with (brace yourself):

Lol. Get a clue before you jump on the bandwagon. Māori are NOT indigenous you ignorant twat.

Oh shit, triggered.

To which The Maori Mermaid replied: "Really? You think Maori are not indigenous to New Zealand? You really fit the stereotype that models are not intelligent."

Here's the screenshot of the convo, for you know, proof it happened.

As Benny Boy remarked - who does she think is indigenous to this country??

Listen to the break above to hear more details.