To elope or not to elope!? George listeners share their elopement yarns

Breakfast 30/05/2017

We all know weddings can get fucking expenny.

Your man books the Jordan Luck Band for the reception, your missus spends 20k on flowers, your mother-in-law insists on a chocolate fondue fountain so large, she wants two midgets dressed as cherub angels whilst playing harps, to sit inside it and get lathered up in the fondue extravaganza.

You've got to worry about seating charts, and registars, and cakes (which is apparently way more complicated than just hitting up the Cheesecake shop), and calligraphers for handwritten invites...

Not to mention how the shit are you going to afford a piss up that can quench the thirst of all your friends, plus the 200 members of your girl's extended family?

That lot can sink booze faster than Ben Lummis' music career...

So, why not just say "fuck it" and elope?

Clint's wedding all paid for, meanwhile Kara's been with her partner Justin for years and is down for an elopement.

So, we thought we'd put the call out to you guys, would you do it? Where would you elope to?