Dude fails drug test, blames it on the poppy seed bun he had for lunch

Drugs 08/08/2017

Now we know many of you tradies out there are partial to some cheeky recreational
drugs after work or on the weekend.

We see you rinsed in the clubs, yelling "George FM. Come do a line cuz."

The very words "drug test" will probs strike you with anxiety that no spliff will cure...

But one UK based pipe fitter may have found a solution.

Well, a solution if you're into opiates, i.e. morphine, heroin, or a soothing hot cup of poppy seed tea...  

The Mirror reports that the father-of-two, who has been granted name suppression, landed himself in hot water when his drug test came back positive for morphine.

He's adamant he's never touched drugs.

Yeah, yeah, likely story mate.  

But after paying for a private hair follicle test he came back negative and his work has had to reinstate him... begrudgingly. 

Good to know.

Beware the poppy seed sandwich team.