There's a job going that will pay you $40,000 to rinse up at Vegas pool parties

job 24/08/2017

Hungry for that OE but can't ever seem to get the money saved up to actually get ON the plane? 

What if you coud be PAID to do it instead!?

Game changer.

UK based Hen night specialists HenHeaven are offering around $40,000 NZD to one lucky applicant who will be flown around the world to attend lavish pool parties in Vegas, husky sledding in Iceland, salsa dancing in Madrid, Zombie boot camp in Birmingham and spas and bar crawls in Newcastle... to name a tiny sample of stops. 

What's the catch? You've just gotta vlog while you're doing it - to add a 'bit of excitement to their YouTube channel. 

They're looking for an applicant who's comfortable in front of the camera (obviously), but they're not bothered about experience! You just gotta be a lovable character that'll relate to their audience and make them laugh. 

You don't even need to be able to edit video. They've got their own internal video editor.

So, essentially. Stop whatever you're doing and apply now. 

Just flick HenHeaven a video via WeTransfer to along with your CV.