Rose blunts have gone viral and we've got your lesson on how to roll one here

weed 21/09/2017

Stem piece is broken. There's no papers in the house. Shit, are we going to have to heat up the knifes?

Nah, nah mate, just head out to the garden and grab a rose. We gotchu.

Well, at least one innovative weed-smoking Twitter babe does. Thanks @simple_sasha.

Last week @simple_sasha posted a two-minute long tutorial video, giving us blazers an invaluable life hack: HOW TO ROLL A ROSE BLUNT.

Yep, weed smoking just got a pretty pink make over. 

With over 250,000 likes and 93,000 retweets it's safe to say @simple_sasha has changed some people's lives. 

Check out some of the rose blunts @simple_sasha has inspired. 

Others were a little sceptical over the amount of steps...  You gotta turn on the oven to smoke some weed? You kidding me? 

But hey, sometimes us stoners aren't always the most organised of people, I'd rather turn on the oven than walk down to the local for a pack of blue zig zags.

If you were (hypothetically) going to give the rose blunt a hoon, maybe stick to the roses in your garden, or check that they're organic before buying, cause store-bought roses usually have pesticides sprayed on 'em, and we all know weed's better when that sticky icky shit's kept natural. 

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Cool. cool. cool. Glad that's out the way... Wake up and bake the roses?