GOAT George listener has come to the rescue for the "Tool Guys" Bongo

Breakfast 20/10/2017

Yes! It's happening, the Bongo is coming back to life.

The man James, who runs a business called Streetwise Automotive in New Lynn (specialising in classic cars, bloody beauty mate,) got in touch with the Breakfast team this morning and is willing to put in the efforts to get Tammy's baby back on the road. 

But we presented Tammy with another option... flick it fast and make some quick cash... from a gift... Knowing Tim Tam it could've tempted him tempt him.  

Ol' Cameron, another George listener was interested in buying the car, but wanted to know about the condition it was in... 

"It's not about what condition it's in, it's about the history mate. It's a bout what it represents. You know, it's a part of the psyche built in to the New Zealand... New Zeala-It's who we are mate, can you really put a price on that? Ten grand." 

Not a chance.

James from Streetwise Automotive - Facebook

Check out Jim Jam in his Tool Guy shirt. Good look. We trust ya mate. You're our guy.

Which means the Bongo is officially a fixer upper. Much like Tim Tam himself.

We'll keep ya posted on her progress!