Luke confirms Lacey did not get the D (but will need a big D soon)

Breakfast 24/10/2017

After his nationally televised journey for love and matrimonial happiness came to a savage end last night, Luke Cederman, the lovable pro-surfer turned reality TV star, joined the George Breakfast team this morning.

We quite like ol' rugged Luke, and if you've watched the show he's pretty hard not to develop a soft spot for. 

If you're not familiar, Luke is: 

- Mostly bald 
- A lover of the swanny 
- A bit of a comedian, or thinks he is  (note: uses comedy to hide emotions). 
- Most natural on the beach 
- A fan of Mexican food
- Quite good at responding to complicated questions with a classic "yeah, nah."
- Has difficulty discussing his emotions and letting people in. 

Yep. Only sounds like every Kiwi guy, ever.

So, we had a few questions we wanted to ask, mostly out of concern for Luke. 

1. Is it done?

2. Can you get the marriage annulled? 

3. Did you get any?

4. How do you feel about it now (MAFS) now? 

Ah, it was fun, well apart from being torn to pieces on national TV and taken through the wringer...

On that note, we're pretty sure he's glad to see the back of the show. Listen to Luke's full answers above.

Also, affirmation ladies, he's single.