One in three vegetarians eat meat while on the piss

funny shit 06/10/2017

Oh yeah, vegetarians with their higher-than-thou, I-actually-am-doing-something-about-my-carbon-footprint-you-just-complain-about-it, have-you-even-seen-Cowspiracy?? That's right, four or five beersies deep and all those morals are out the window and that McChicken is getting devoured quicker than that pack of durries the socially awkward guy offered to the entire smoking deck a half hour ago... 

Well, at least for a third of you they are, according to a recent study by website Voucher Codes Pro.

1,789 vegetarians were surveyed and around 33% of them admitted to eating meat while on the rinse. Of that 33% around 39% of those studied said they ate kebab meat when pissed, while 34% admitted to eating beef burgers.

27% opted for bacon, 19% for fried chicken and 14% for sausages. 

So next time you wanna ruin my chicken nuggets by giving me a shot by shot description of that YouTube video you saw about baby chicks getting put through a mincer to turn into nuggies, yeah yeah, I already know I'm disgusting but you just remember, I know your dirty secret.