Girl breaks up with boyfriend using Spotify playlist

funny shit 10/04/2017

Nineteen-year-old Utah college student Kirsten Titus had been dating 20-year-old Wyatt Hall for a short time, Pedestrian reported. 

Ms Titus told the website she thought the pair were better off as friends, so decided to break up with him through music streaming service Spotify. 

If she thought it was going to be a private joke, she was mistaken, as her sister took photos of the new playlist and shared it on Twitter for all the world to see. 

The playlist was a series of song titles that when put together, worked in unison to spell out "Do you... Still want to kiss me because I am kinda lovin someone else but we can still be friends."

The tweet has been retweeted almost 1000 times, with mixed reactions to the savagery. 

If you feel bad for the poor lad on the other end of the break up, don't. He came back with his own shot.