Dude quits his job and sells his house so he can travel the world with his cat

funny shit 26/01/2018

We've all had those f**k it moments where you've wanted to just up and leave everything.

Your house (or lets be honest, the room you're renting) your car, your job and just go travelling - because these moments usually come after you see your mates pics from their travels pop up on the gram.

That moment though and turned into two years of travelling around Aussie for one man though.

Back in 2015 Richard East decided he'd had enough of living the corporate life so sold everything to just go travel. He didn't do it alone though, Richard took his cat Willow along for the ride with him and have had some amazing experiences along the way.

While talking with UNILAD, Richard said:

"One day I decided to make a change, to learn how to be grateful for every day. I worked from the ground up to create a new life for myself keeping what would make me happy and getting rid of everything else.

The new life I had planned was to live in a camper van, work only when needed and learn to be content".

But where would he be without Willow? Richard talked about the adventures they've had on the road:

"I decided to take her with me and since leaving Hobart in May 2015 , we’ve travelled to every state and territory in Australia – this is known in Aussie adventure cat slang as a Purrfect-Eight.

We’ve sailed the Great Barrier Reef, crossed the Australian Savannah, lived on beaches, forests, and plains".

Richard continued:

"Every day is a pleasure travelling with a cat. To see Willow’s wide eyes wonder of the world puts me at peace and reminds me to slow down.

We’re so lucky to be able to live this life, people often ask how can I afford it? When you live simply without having to pay bills or rent it only takes a few months of work to support yourself for the rest of the year".