Kiwis share their worst public transport encounters

funny shit 26/01/2018

New Zealander's are ripping into public transport in a hectic, yet simultaneously crack up, Reddit thread

Many of the annoyances came from other passengers' lack of consideration

"Assholes who put their bag beside them on a full bus. Move that shit," one said.

"Passengers who always put their bag on the seat beside them on a busy bus and stare out the window as passengers get on. Um hello did your bag pay for that seat? No? Then get it the f**k off the seat so I can sit down. I don't want to talk," another replied.

"Yes, back when I caught the bus I'd always go straight to those people. The irritated 'hmmph' made my morning," came another.

Playing loud music

"Now the annoying c*nts would have received a Bluetooth speaker for Xmas."

"The only people who annoy are the one who play crappy music on their phones," one said.

"To be fair, the music itself may not be crappy, but when you pump it out via a cellphone speaker at 100 percent it's all Ludwig Van Shite no matter what."

Rudeness towards their drivers was a common complaint

"Passengers getting on and not acknowledging the driver even if the driver says 'hello'. Passengers thrusting cash at the driver to top up their bus card without saying a word and no 'thank you' after," one person said.

"I'm not saying you should have a chat but a simple 'hello', 'please' and 'thank you' would be a nice way to greet your driver."

A common frustration was people slowly counting out their change and delaying the bus

"If you're waiting for a bus and you're going to be paying in cash, get your change sorted before the bus arrives," was one angry reply.

"There should be a special place in hell for those who spent ten minutes at a bus stop before getting on the bus and only then begin rummaging around in their pockets/wallet/handbag for change while the whole bus is waiting for them."

"I feel like buses definitely shouldn't accept cash during peak commuting hours. Not so sure about off peak," another commuter said.

One major complaint was the poor hygiene of fellow passengers

"I guess I would like some people to take more baths/showers before sitting next to me, but realistically what can you do?"

"The amount of dicks, human feces and period blood could have been smaller if I'm being picky."

"I made the mistake of leaving work at 3pm one day I got a whole train to myself that was until we arrived at Grafton. The sound and smells of hundreds of teenage boys getting on the train is enough to make me not want to ride the train again."

Others shared stories of being sexually harassed on public transport

"When I was about 17 I had a man 'fall asleep' on me on the train. So no sexual harassment to me is good etiquette," one person said.

"[He] had his head on my shoulder. He wasn't sleeping. I asked him to move and he wouldn't.

"I felt violated and afraid. I couldn't move or get up. At my stop, I had to push him off me and climb over his lap to get out."

Source: Newshub.