Ponsonby Rd chick who posed on somebody else's $600k car for an Insta pic has unsurprisingly pissed them right off

Our News 31/05/2017

The owner of a McLaren car climbed on by a woman who appeared to be seeking a photo for Instagram would like her to apologise.

The woman was quite literally snapped climbing onto the bonnet of the expensive sports car while it was parked on Ponsonby Rd.

The car's owner watched the whole thing from across the road, and - take note, all would-be posers - the event was captured in all its scrambling glory on the car's security dash-cam and posted to Facebook.

While the car was undamaged, the owner wants an apology. His friend, who witnessed the whole event, says it doesn't matter what make it is, you don't climb on people's cars.

"Regardless of what type of vehicle it is, it is pretty much a no-go. The fact it's a vehicle of that value and she's literally climbing on top of it is probably not the smartest idea, but then to be caught on the recording camera by security was just a bonus," the owner's friend Patrick said.

The McLaren 675LT Spider was launched in the United Kingdom for NZ$643,750 in late 2015.

Andy Ko was with friends at popular bar Ponsonby Social Club, while his McLaren was parked directly across the road outside a Ponsonby fish and chip shop.

Photo credit: Google maps/Screengrab

"We were basically sitting across the road and look across and see someone climbing on top of the bonnet of the vehicle," Patrick explained.

The reaction from Andy was immediate.

"I think the words were,

Oi! Get off my f**king car.

She quickly jumped off the bonnet and straight into a taxi, he said.

"[She] didn't do any damage, which is extremely surprising, because it's an aluminium bonnet, and it's quite soft. She climbed up on top. She had two handprints on the windscreen where she had supported herself. One foot was on the front bumper while she was actually on the bumper itself."

When asked whether her weight or shoes could have dented the bonnet, Patrick was emphatic.

Easily. Easily.

Patrick says protective film on the vehicle's bonnet probably helped save it from damage.

The video - which has now been made private - was shared widely on social media, and people quickly recognised the woman. They found her on Instagram, where she had posted a now-deleted image taken on the McLaren. It was one of a handful of photos she'd taken posing with sports cars. Those images have now been deleted.

Photo credit: Screengrab/Supplied

Patrick says the woman is aware of the video and should apologise. 

"We don't understand why there hasn't even been a personal apology or an apology in general private messaged or anything."

Newshub has contacted the woman for comment.