The REAL GUYS who captured Pablo Escobar are coming to New Zealand and we got to talk to them

Breakfast 24/05/2017

WARNING: Graphic images depicting a real death below.

 We encourage peple to come out and we'll explain to you how Pablo got his wealth and then his demise

Narcos. One of the greatest television shows ever (if you're asking us). Hands down one of the most talked about. 

In the same ranks of TV royalty as Game of Thrones and Rick and Morty. Although unlike other popular shows.. Narcos is about a real man. Pablo Escobar.

Netflix's spookily accurate depiction of Pablo Escobar's death

And despite the global glamourisation of his character that has grown with the show's popularity, there's no denying Pablo did some evil fucking shit. 

Steve Murphy & Javier Peña, not the actors, the REAL GUYS, jumped on the line with George Breakfast this morning to discuss their upcoming show at Q Theatre in July, Capturing Pablo: An evening with Javier Peña & Steve Murphy

We told them the truth... and then they made Narcos.

Just like the show depicts, these two DEA agents were instrumental in bringing Pablo's reign of terror to an end. And without their story the Netflix show may never have existed.  

The real Steve Murphy moments after shooting Pablo Escobar

"We were consultants on the first two seasons. "  

"That was one of the reasons we went ahead and retired from the DEA, because you can't work for the government and make money on the side."

"We told them the real truth... and then they made Narcos." 

Clint asks some real hard hitting questions like: "Your job was to stop the influx of cocaine into your country, now you're touring the world doing a show....


You're essentially in show business - how often do people come up to you and offer you cocaine?

They gave us a solid NEVER, but then told us they're coming to party in New Zealand... Mixed messages? 

"We've been retired for about four years now..."  

"So, it's party time now?"

"That's why we're coming to New Zealand

You'll be hard pressed to find any cocaine in New Zealand.

Call of the day Kara Rickard.

If you want to hear the real story of Pablo Escobar from the men who were there in person, they'll be at Auckland's Q Theatre on July 15th and 16th, nab your tickets from Live Nation now.  

"We encourage people to come out and we'll explain to you how Pablo got his wealth and then his demise." 

"We'll talk about Narcos, the filming, the actors, and how it was done." 

That's some real shit. See you there.