Lorde, the GB, invited a fan to go to the Governors Ball with her

Our News 01/06/2017

By Newshub staff

A Lorde fan has had a better day at work than you.  

Lorde invited Emely Paula Medina, an employee at New York smoothie store Liquiteria to attend the Governors Ball music festival with her this weekend.

Ms Medina said Ella Yelich-O'Connor, aka Lorde, was the "first famous person" she had served in store, in a video posted to her Twitter feed with the caption "she made my morning".

The two clearly clicked, with Ms Medina saying Lorde was "so chill it felt like it was a friend from school".

Many would be happy with that one interaction, but it was later in the day that things got really amazing.

The Kiwi songstress messaged Ms Medina inviting her to "come to the governor's ball on me".

Ms Medina initially said "no way", thinking for sure "this is a joke".

Lorde explained she was going to ask in the store to celebrate Ms Medina's new job, but said she "got shy".

Ms Medina excitedly accepted the invitation after her amazing celebrity encounter. She then posted to Twitter in the morning, saying she "woke up trying to figure out if last night was a dream or real life..."

Lorde is playing the Governors Ball on Friday, June 2, alongside Chance The Rapper and others.

Her new album Melodrama is set to be released June 16, with a fresh single about to be dropped on June 2.