Darude's bringing his Sandstorm to town

music news 15/06/2017

Famous for probably the biggest dance banger of all time, (and his great fashion choice in 90's sunnues), Darude's confirmed on Facebook today that he's bringing his 'Endless Summer' tour to New Zealand for ONE SHOW ONLY! 

You've got endless summer right mate, Sandstorm might have dropped in 1999, but eighteen years later it's clear that tune's reign will never end.

We'll probably still be chocka-chocka-chocka-cheeing when people are more cyborg than human in the year 3000.

Anyway, we digress...  

You can tick partying to Sandstorm live with Darude off the bucket list on August 2 at Empire Bar & Izakaya in Christchurch. 

We're ready to dance up a storm... See ya in August Christchurch.