ATTN: all guidos and guidettes, the Jersey Shore reunion is real

Jersey Shore 10/07/2017

Get your GTL game cranking, because it looks like the whole 'Jersey Shore' cast are back in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The city's mayor, Jon Moor confirmed that MTV producers have applied for a permit to film on the boardwalk and beach under the working-title 'Roaptrip Reunion' 

And Snooki and JWoww have been spotted with cameras in tow. 

As MTV's most watched TV series of all time, it makes sense that the channel would want to wring out a reunion show. But, MTV has actually denied any involvement. 

Mixed messaged much?

However, we think the former reality star's Instagram feeds pretty much settle the matter...

Check all the 'Jersey Shore' reunion hints the cast have dropped over the last week or so...

Yep, think it's safe to hit that tanning bed, buy yourselves some hair gel, and mince up with your favourite meatballs, cause 'Jersey Shore' (in some form) is coming back to a screen near you.

Roisin Kelly. 
(AKA Ro the web gir)