Dan Bilzerian has announced he's in his first serious relationship

WOW 19/07/2017

Never thought we'd see the day, but the King of Instagram - with his 22 million followers and his penchant for guns and models - is finally settling down.

Yep. At age 37, Dan Bilzerian has reportedly committed to his very first monogamous relationship. 

Apparently, even a man who has made a career out of being a giant fuckboy, can get tired of screwing 17 different girls in one week, and crave the love of a good woman...  

I think I f*cked like three girls before her that day.

So, who is the lucky lady?

Model and former Hooters girl, 21-year-old Sofia Bevarly. 

Here's a full body shot. 

And another one... 

Here's a hot little pic in the bedroom.

And here's one of Sofia just casually hanging out at the beach.  

Boy. She really likes touching her hair, huh.

She's just a little different, you know?

But don't worry bachelors, Bilzerian hasn't gone full Disney movie on you.

Yesterday Square Mile published an article claiming Bilzerian admitted to them he was going steady. And he came across as charming and eloquent as ever: 

"Yeah. Got a girlfriend. First time. Well, I had a girlfriend before, but I was still f***ing other girls."

Allegedly, Sofia and Bilzerian met at a pool party.

"Wasn't exactly your storybook love at first sight. 

'I think I f***ed like three girls before her that day." 

Wow. Sofia, you've got yourself a real catch. 

"We just started hanging out… She's just a little different, you know? 

'She's smart, she's cool, and she liked a lot of the s**t I like. So here we are."

Okay, that last sentiment was almost... sweet?...  

Anyway. Here's some pictures of the happy couple doing shit they both like.

I.e. Hanging out in giant weed grow rooms, jumping on private jets, j chillin in the Virgin Isalnds, and having open-air showers while on a yacht...     

If the rumours are true, best of the luck to Sofia and Dan.    

Roisin Kelly. 
(AKA Ro the web girl)