Man vomits on US reporter during July 4 live cross

Vids 05/07/2017

They say never to work with children or animals, and now a US reporter is probably adding drunk revellers to that list.

US television news reporter Wendy Burch was doing a live cross from stinking hot Hermosa beach during July 4 celebrations. 

Partiers had been undertaking a special type of 'Iron Man' challenge, in which they had to run a mile along the beach, swim a mile in the ocean, and then chug a six-pack of beer. 

While the KTLA repoerter was interviewing one of the competitors, a nearby person who was off-screen proceeded to vomit all over Ms Burch and the unfortunate interviewee. 

The cross was quickly cut back to the newsroom, where the two anchors were left shocked, and holding back giggles. 

"It's a locker room celebration ladies and gentleman…let's get her out of there before she gets covered in something other than beer," one joked.