Will Kara donate her eggs to gay Aussie couple looking for Maori donor?

Breakfast 05/07/2017

Nelson and Baden Marino-Hall are a same-sex couple living in Toowoomba, Queensland. Baden is of Maori heritage and the pair got married in New Zealand last year. Now they want to start a family... 

Only instead of asking close friends or family to jump in as a donor, they've got some fairly specific prerequisites/ 

Namely: MUST BE MAORI.  

So they've turned to the Dominion Post instead.


Stuff also reported that Braden and Nelson had a couple more specifications: "A prospective donor would need to have a history of good health, be a non-smoker, ideally aged between 24 and 30, and would have finished having their own children."

This caught the attention of George Breakfat's Clint and Tammy who thought they'd pose the question to Kara: "Chuck us a couple eggs, girl?"

Listen above to hear Kara's thoughts...